Tuesday, June 30, 2009

san pedro de guatire

sneak peak. more soon.


Wilian Z said...

Thank you very much for sharing these pictures (although I begin to suspect I'm not your target audience).

I love this one. I hope you fulfill that "more soon" promise, I don't find any more "San Pedro de Guatire" pictures neither here nor in photoshelter.


Wilian Z said...

Oh! I found some more in Photo shelter! :)

m. said...

Hola Wilian! Many thanks for your comments and for checking out these photos, San Pedro de Guatire was so fun to photograph! If you search www.meridithkohut.com for "san pedro guatire" more images will come up..here's a direct link to the gallery as well:


thanks again!


Wilian Z said...

Great! ....I love the colors on them!