Monday, June 23, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

sigue luchando hacia adelante

it's been another semana duro in belen...hard to put into words..i've been listening to a lot of B-Side players...and these lyrics seem to sum up my thoughts...which are usually in spanglish tambien.

gracias for all the prayers...please keep them coming.

In this life, en esta vida
Nothing is guaranteed

Not even our hopes and dreams

Blessed we are just to breathe
The precious gift of life

Night and day
noche y dia
We fight for what we believe

Sacrifice fo
r what we don’t need
We give hope that we’ll receive

that one true love in life

La vida no es
la vida es
puro placer pleasure and pain
Bondad dolor bondad amor

Me cuentas a

Companero don’t lose the faith
Keep on fighting to the end

Companero no pierde la fe

Sigue luchando hacia adelante

It never ends
ya termina
The struggle to survive

The constant sacrifice

The pain we hold inside

Brings out the good in life
It’s only pleasure and pain

La vida no es
la vida es
Puro placer
pleasure and pain
Bondad dolor
bondad amor
Me cuentas a mi

panero don’t lose the faith
Keep on fighting to the end

Companero no pierd
e la fe
Sigue luchando hacia adelante

Noche y dia

Fuerte adelante

-Pleasure and Pain, B-Side Players

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

postcards from pamplona

I spent this past week shooting in san antonio de tachira and cucuta along the venezuela/colombia border. both towns were plastered with posters promoting the pamplona feria and bull fights, frequently sparking my curiosity.

ferias are always good shooting opportunities and I jumped at the chance to go when some new cowboy friends invited me along for the that sloan would call 'bone-jarring'...a bumpy, nauseating and winding buseta ride up into the mountains. I figured it was all well worth the opportunity to shoot a traditional bull fight for the first time.

I made it about two minutes on the 'ground floor' of the bull fights before the quirky director of the fights ran up to me in a hurry, telling me I had to leave...despite having all the equivalent press credentials as the handful of male photographers with press access...the ground floor was also apparently a no-women allowed zone. traditionally dressed in a white lace collar, black top hat with prominent red feather and funny looking shoes, he told me I had to leave...because, alas, it's way too dangerous for me, being a lady and, bienvenidos a mi vida.

this happens fairly often and I have a well rehearsed and rational response that I once again found myself repeating. this guy was not having any of it though, and really put his foot down, funny shoes and all. we went back and forth for a good five minutes...rationale quickly diminishing on both fronts. he didn't care about my press credentials or even my personal 4-H experience showing heifers in the houston livestock show and rodeo way back in the day...nor was I buying his argument that because I was a woman, I would die if a bull busted through the rickity fence. checking out the rest of the press, surely, I could outrun and scale a fence quicker than the vast majority of them.

the debate finally ended when an eavesdropping matador, hearing that I was from Texas, convinced the director that I was tough enough to stay...his logic? because I am a cowgirl from the same place where Walker, the Texas Ranger lives. thanks chuck.