Monday, November 10, 2008


while in texas, we also shot a last-minute portrait session with savannah...who i think just might be the most brilliant 12 year old i've ever met. we spent all morning climbing on hay bales, navigating fields of wildflowers, sloshing through mini waterfalls and dressing up in princess dresses. i've known savannah and her family for years and was delighted when her mom booked a shoot to capture her coming of age. my sister morgan was savannah's nanny for a long time, and that is the age that i automatically pictured savannah in my thoughts preparing for this shoot. i still have to do an occasional double-take looking at these photos making sure that it is really her...i can't believe how quickly she has grown up...but am quickly reminded that she is 12 when remembering the tactic morgan (who graciously came along to help and lug around a 6 ft ladder!) used to render a 100 percent success rate of getting the most genuine smile across savannah's face after hours of shooting...embarrassing potty humor worked every time. my favorite story morgan told her was of when savannah outed her dad during a christmas eve church service while she was quite young. when being interviewed by the pastor in front of the entire congregation, savannah announced exactly how and how long it takes her dad to go #2. if he only knew how we got that smile of her in that sweet princess dress...i hope the photos we produced were able to capture her as she grows into an even more beautiful young lady...

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