Monday, November 10, 2008


by far the best part of going back to texas was getting to spend time with my family...i'm blessed to have an incredibly close-knit family who all live relatively close together, so i was able to see just about everyone. my very sweet parents and sisters carefully planned each day that we had together and went above and beyond to make sure that i had the opportunity to do all of my favorite things and visit all of my favorite places...we had a great trip to lake austin and wakesurfed past sun set under the 360 bridge....kayaked down the brazos river...and celebrated our first "Christastergivingirthdayween" the coolest family holiday get-together, that combined an entire year's worth of holidays that i've missed over the past year. my sweet grandma made her thanksgiving dinner, we had birthday cake, a christmas tree, easter eggs, halloween costumes...and my sisters decorated the house with nearly every holiday decoration stuffed in the attic. it was so memorable and so special. thanks to everyone who drove out to visit, i miss you all loads and think of you often.

speaking of holidays, today is my dear dad's birthday. we stopped counting, but he still looks better than most 35 year olds that i know, and can also paddle down a river quicker than most people decades younger than he is! feliz cumpleanos papa! i love you!

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