Monday, October 25, 2010

Buenos Aires slum for LeMonde

Photos of Buenos Aires slum for a feature written by Nicolas Bourcier of Le Monde about Catholic priest, Father Hector Marquez, 35, who despite being stabbed last year by one of the slum's residents, is working to unite the residents of Buenos Aires through community councils and projects aimed toward making the slum a safer place to live.


Mark Mulligan said...

Wow. I sometimes wonder, what is Mer up to? Then BAM! A string of blog posts like this. So incredible!

Orlandoescape said...

Nice post showing all the real stuff

Anonymous said...

Sorry man, but this is not for sure Buenos Aires. This looks likes more Brasil or Venezuela, but it is not Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is in a plain land!!! Sorry you have been take in!

"Te la han colao doblá"

Anonymous said...

Confirmed, it is Caracas in Venezuela.

You can see the electoral poster of "Ramon Lopez" with the slogan "Unidad y Cambio". Just look for that in Google.

Man, do not believe everything you found in the net. Sorry!

m. said...

hey anonymous, thanks for visiting--you're correct, I shot these in caracas, venezuela in a slum called, "buenos aires",Buenos+Aires,+Caracas,+Venezuela&gl=us&ei=iH1RTofIJaTisQKEo-D1Bg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBwQ8gEwAA

...not to be confused with buenos aires, argentina.

apologies for any confusion :)


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GReat! love this post.

Tiago said...

What!?!?! This photos are not from Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is plain, there are not hills in there. And those people doesn´t look like Argentinean, Argentinean are white!! And the vegetation is the photos is tropical, and Buenos Aires has a template weather!!
I have lived in an apartment in buenos aires five years ago and spite of being poverty, poors nighborhoods looks much better. Those photos looks more as the Caribean actually.

Enrique Roca said...

La foto no es de Buenos Aires.