Friday, December 12, 2008

duerme en paz

Last month sandra, her boyfriend peter, and I decided to sneak off to the beach on...a monday. I ended up not being sneaky enough though, an editor called minutes before we arrived, and I ended up having to stay on the bus for the ride back into the city. sandra and I like taking the $2 colectivos to the beach whenever possible, they're cheap, frequent, and usually the jumping off point for some sort of adventure. I remember this particular trip because it was the first time that I had the opportunity to finally meet her long time boyfriend, and because of the music. Pirated anything is popular in Venezuela, and street stands of dvds and music cds abound on most busy streets. The colectivo drivers love to jam their musica, and on this particular trip, our driver was blaring a pirated compilation of 80's/90's love songs. I groaned through the mix, sending text messages to myself with the names of the songs, thinking that at some point, this 'colorful detail' might be useful to future story. As I texted, "1.) Celine Dion..the titanic song" "2.) Whitney Houston..I will always love you" Sandra sang along, with Peter's head on her shoulder...declaring in my misery that she loved the colectivo driver's choice of music, laughing as each new song began to play..each one cheesier than the one before it. "3.) Brian Adams...Everything I do, I do it for you.." "4.) Up Where We Belong, Joe Crocker & Jennifer Warnes.."

The lyrics to these songs don't seem so cheesy now, remembering Sandra singing them to Peter and being with her now without him. "Who knows what tomorrow brings...In a world, few hearts survive...All I know, is the way I feel...When it's real, I keep my pray alive" or "Near, far, wherever you are...I believe that the heart does go on...Once more you open the door...And you're here in my heart...And my heart will go on and on."

My heart is so heavy for you Sandra. Te quiero mucho y estoy aqui para ti siempre.

Peter Antonio Repillosa Segovia
1/26/1989 - 12/08/2008

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